If you are a regular Nokia smartphone user, then you might have known the fact that Nokia releases various updates of the phone softwares and applications from time to time which can all be downloaded for free using some of the easy and convenient methods or procedures. There were many updates being made available recently of some old and also new handsets and this time it was the Nokia C1-01 and Nokia C1-02 mobile phones whose firmware version has been updated and now the latest version number exists as v4.40 for both the handsets.

Both these two phones are Dual SIM capable and shares some common features and appearance but at the same time there are also many distinct features built into them. The new firmware introduces some changes to improve the usability standards of the phone and has brought down all the known issues and various kinds of bugs reported by the users as well as by the developers themselves. Hence, once again you may not be able to see any significant changes being made after updating the same but prolonged usage may definitely make one aware of some performance improvements in comparison to previous firmware version.

There are many users who still are not aware that they can update their phone software themselves and many of them are seen to have the false notion that those tasks can be performed only at service stations or having done the same will lead to deletion of all the contents already stored within the handset. But this is not true and one can easily download and update the Nokia Firmware without requiring any expert hands for accomplishing the task. What is needed here is an available update for the particular Nokia smartphone and an active data connection on the phone or an internet connected computer to make use of for this purpose.

If you have a 3G connection or GPRS/EDGE data subscription available on the phone itself, then you may utilize it to use the OTA or Over The Air method which allows you to instantly download and install the updates easily and efficiently. It would however be a hassle if you do not have a good internet speed or have not subscribed for any unlimited internet pack as it may increase your phone bill. In such a case, the update can be done from a computer connected to internet by making use of the Nokia Software Updater (NSU).

It is always recommended that the user must keep their phone softwares up-to-date as it ensures proper functioning of the handset and also secures it from any potential threat arising out of virus and other malicious codes. So, if you are the owner of a Nokia C1-01 or Nokia C1-02, you can download the relevant firmware either from your mobile or a computer whichever is convenient and more feasible to you.