Samsung has launched a new mobile handset named Samsung Zeal in close collaboration with Verizon Wireless. The new Samsung Zeal sports an impressive 2.6-inch screen display and has a lot of other features built into it like a 2MP camera with auto focus, QWERTY keypad, external display, social networking services and a lot more. Its unique feature is that of the E Ink technology powered flip-style format which will allow the users to vary the keyboard layout according to what best suits their purpose. Samsung Zeal can be flipped opened both vertically and in the landscape mode which unveils a traditional numpad and a QWERTY keypad respectively.

The Samsung Zeal mobile belongs to the affordable range of modern smartphones which comes with a lot of add-on features like full support for all the popular social networking service as well as internet based voice calls compatibility using Skype mobile. It uses a microSD card slot for expandable memory and can hold upto 32GB of storage memory. In addition to all these features, it has support for Microsoft Exchange, GPS navigation, bluetooth and all other regular smartphone features.

The Price of Samsung Zeal is fixed at $79.99 after deducting the mail-in rebate that comes with a 2 year customer agreement. The availability of Samsung Zeal in India is yet to be announced and the price of Samsung Zeal in India is expected to be around Rs.6500.00/- which seems a very reasonable value for the features that it has to offer.

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